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Free Executive Guide to Finding More Raving Fans
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7 Smart Steps to Double Your Google Reviews in 7 Days

In the 21st century, online reviews have rapidly become the new “word of mouth”. For those researching senior living, 82% of families used online reviews as part of their research process! an industry, Senior Living has one of the lowest average ratings on Google!

In this executive guide, we cover:

  The exact steps your community can take to start increasing reviews!

  Key details to look for when optimizing your profiles for reviews.

  #1 step that most senior living communities overlook when quickly increasing their reviews.

  Specific reasons that generating reviews is not a one person job.

Ways to extend the reach and value of the raving fan reviews that you are generating.

This executive cheat sheet has been created exclusively for:

 Passionate Senior Living leaders who are looking for ways to stand out from the competition online

 Committed Managers & Operators who understand the value of a community's digital presence.

 Community Relations & Family Advisors who are helping families every day and have a direct impact on raving fans.

What You'll Discover Inside
The Executive's Guide to Finding More Raving Fans

The Value of a Consistent System for Fresh Reviews

44% of families say a review must be written within one month to be relevant to their decision process.

A Proactive Process to Use with Your Team

Reviews produce an 18% uplift in sales.

Impact of Reviews on Family Decision-Making

73% of families indicate that they would pay more for an assisted living community with favorable online reviews.

Meet Katie - Lead Smart Girl

With years of experience in the senior living and financial services industries, Katie has helped many business owners and community operators understand the online digital behaviors of more traditional audiences. Word of mouth continues to be the #1 source of traffic for all businesses.

"I wrote this guide to help business owners, community operators, and internal sales & marketing teams understand the steps needed to get started increasing online reviews."

Google maintains over 90% search when people are looking for your services, you want to show up on Google. Optimizing and increasing your reviews will help you do that.


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"Katie's natural intelligence gives her an analytical eye that can make any program she works with better. She has the unique ability to know when a system is working well and to leave it alone .... or to recognize when one isn't and fix it! A rare talent."

 Tom B., Owner


Your Google Reviews are the social proof families are trusting to validate their decisions when choosing the right community for themselves or a loved one. Be sure you have a proactive plan in place to highlight those raving fans who love and want to share your community with the world!



"Customers don’t care about catchy taglines. They care about great experiences. When businesses make their customers happy, their customers do their marketing for them. Happy customers are the most powerful and untapped source of revenue."


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Smart Girl Digital is a boutique marketing consulting firm passionate about serving senior living communities. Unlike larger agencies, we only work with a select number of communities and organizations. We deliver personalized marketing strategies and plans to communities who are ready to transforming their business for the next generation.


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