Automation Bonus Bundle are ready to implement marketing automation in your digital strategy? CONGRATULATIONS!

We have just the toolkit you need to keep you on the right path of implementing smart and authentic email strategies for your business. 

Download our Automation Bonus Bundle - written specifically for senior living providers. 

This bundle includes the following swipe files and templates:

  • Editable SGD Email Campaign Planning Template
  • Email Sequence Message Swipe Files for Senior Living communities
  • Optimization Checklist for better results
  • Campaign Report Tracking for measuring what matters




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For Truly Authentic Automation You Need...

Align Your Audience

Segmenting your database into different target audiences so you can dial in your authentic message to their needs.

Map the Moments that Matter

Strategically identifying key moments in your customer's journey to move them from awareness to conversion.

Create Conversational Copywriting 

Help you win the open and get the click. Plus, key ways to format your messages to keep the readers reading.

This Automation Bonus Bundle is designed to...

 Expand on the information from our masterclass.

 Give you tangible tools so you don't have to recreate the wheel.

 Help you start implementing a smart automation strategy immediately.

We've included the exact tools our Smart Girl team uses to help clients make the most of their current database of client and prospect follow-up. You can use these tools to implement using any marketing automation platform.

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